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4/3/11 08:04 pm

I feel like Dave only wants a relationship when it is useful for him. Even when I tell him that I need him for something, he can't be bothered.
I'm wondering if I should still be bothered.

3/22/11 08:01 pm

I feel like i'm slowly falling apart.

3/22/11 06:44 pm

I have nothing new to complain about. My life is still crap. My project is still crap. My prospects of finding a job are still crap.
Yet I can fill my self sliding farther into darkness.

2/28/11 06:01 pm

I realized today, that I don't actually have a husband. I have a guy who I talk to on the phone most nights of the week, and then just complains about his life all the time. He doesn't ask me about mine. Doesn't ask how I am. Doesn't really care about me. The one guy I used to talk to feels guilty talking to me.
Why am I bothering at any of this again??

I wonder if it is time to try and initiate operation Small Print again.

2/9/11 01:38 pm

Depression set in again pretty hard yesterday. I had to have a meeting with my advisor and anti-advisor. I am so frustrated that I have to keep my anti-advisor on my comettee. everytime we meet I have to remind him what i'm doing and that we have already gone over. He doesn't remember that data that I have shown him and what he has already agreed for my project. ARG!!

1/5/11 07:05 pm - 3 years

3 years ago, 2 bits of fancy metal and a few words told the world that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the man that wanted to spend the rest of his with me.
I wish I could be with him tonight to let him know I still feel the same way.

I wonder if there is a support group for spouses who are separated because of school or work ...

12/20/10 05:54 pm

I am trying. I know it doesn't seems like it, but I am.

10/27/10 07:14 pm - He asks if he really has to come for Thanksgiving.

Really, you have to ask? I am going mentally crazy, haven't seen you in over a month and you can't be bothered to travel for thanksgiving?
At this rate Christina Aguilera will have had a longer marrige than me.

10/23/10 03:47 pm

33 years old and he can't remember to pay his electric bill, even when I reminded him twice. And I'm the one who doesn't know how I'm going to pay my rent for next month.

10/16/10 03:53 pm

This project is doing me damage. Too alone and don't know how to stop it.
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